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Protect your family against devastation with Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is specifically designed to provide the maximum amount of protection for a given dollar of premium. As such, when you are in good health, thousands of dollars in term life insurance is affordable for working families at all income levels.

See for yourself. Select the amount of insurance protection you want (10 years worth of your current income is a good starting point for most. More if you are just starting out or if your children are very young). Select how long you want the policy to remain in force. We recommend a term long enough to see your children grown, at a minimum, but that is entirely your choice.

Make the Best Decision, and Ask the Right Questions

To ensure that you have enough information to make the best decision, and to ask the right questions of your agent, we encourage you to download and read our FREE e-book, Life Insurance in Canada: Pay Less for More Coverage. Ebook: Life Insurance in Canada

This easy-to-read guide will walk you through important life insurance topics like the following:

• How to get the best rates even though you smoke

• How to calculate how much life insurance you need

• How to get affordable coverage even if you’re in less-than-perfect health

• How joint policies can be cheaper than two single policies – and how to structure them

• How some companies are more willing to issue affordable policies to applicants with certain health issues (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) than others

• How to make term insurance work for you

• How to plan for what happens at the end of the life insurance term

• How you can plan for funeral expenses

• How cash value insurance insurance works, and when it may be appropriate

• How ‘living benefits’ work